A 36-YEAR-OLD woman was found dead in her home following a lethal dose of heroin and methadone, an inquest heard.

Simmone Swift’s body was found in her living room in Hart Street, Burnley, after a neighbour noticed that her front door had been open for some time and went to check on her.

An inquest at Burnley Magistrates’ Court yesterday heard that police were called to the house on May 15 this year.

Giving evidence, DI Jim Elston, of Burnley Police, said: “We found her in the living room. It looked as though she had collapsed quite suddenly as there were items that looked as though they had been disturbed by her fall.

“We found puncture wounds in her arms and feet that we believed were from intravenous drug use and we also found used hypodermic syringes in a wastepaper basket.”

A toxicology report, which was read out, said that methadone, morphine and diazepam were found in her system and that this contributed to her death of cardio respiratory failure.

Speaking to coroner Richard Taylor during the inquest, Simmone’s mother, Julia Nicholas said: “We all knew that Simmone had been struggling with drug addiction for a number of years.

“But she was attending Inspire for rehabilitation and we all thought that she was doing well.

“I’d seen her before she died and she looked as though she was doing ok. It was a shock to us all to hear how she had died and that she was using again.”

The family also went on to tell of their confusion, when a police officer told them that a note had been found at the scene, leaving them to believe that Simmone had taken her own life.

DI Elston confirmed that a note was not found at the scene and apologised for any misunderstanding caused to the family.

Stating his conclusion, Richard Taylor said: “I draw a conclusion of misadventure.

“I have no reason to believe that Simmone took her own life or had any intention of doing so.

“She had taken this particular cocktail of drugs many times before and therefore she would have had no reason to think that it would kill her. Sadly, this time, it proved to be fatal.”