TWO ponies rescued by a Burnley-based horse welfare charity are to be entered into their first competition next month.

HAPPA (Horses and Ponies Protection Association) Seco-nd Chance ponies Jet and Otto will compete at EQUIFEST 2014, a four-day equestrian extravaganza taking place from August 13 to 17 in Peter-borough.

Jet and Otto will be com-peting in the special rescue classes after being taken into the charity’s Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, in Briercliffe, in desperate need of help.

Laura Morley, HAPPA’s senior equine care officer, said: “Both these ponies have been through so many traumas in their short lives.

“I want them to be applauded and rewarded and to enjoy the success they deserve.

“These ponies are so trusting and have a fantastic outlook on life.

“The ultimate goal would be for them both to find their forever home and live happily ever after.

“Please help HAPPA send these heroic ponies on an unforgettable journey and become rescue champions 2014.”

When Jet was rescued he was obese and in danger of contracting Laminitis, a crippling disease present in horses.

He was immediately put on a controlled weight loss strategy and began his journey to a healthier lifestyle.

He is described as having a ‘gentle nature and a heart of pure gold’.

Otto was rescued as a tiny foal at the feet of his mother when he was seized under legislation. On arrival at HAPPA he was weak and exhausted and had to undergo a period of rehabilitation.

Both ponies are looking for new homes under HAPPA’s Second Chance sponsorship scheme, which is backed by former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney.