THE parents of a baby who died after being delivered at Royal Blackburn Hospital have been awarded more than £50,000.

Dr Olufemi Dina, a locum who delivered Arron Almond during a 10-day period of work at the hospital in 2010, has also lost his appeal against suspension.

Little Aaron died three weeks after his head became stuck for 20 minutes during a breech delivery in the early hours of September 24.

Now mum and dad Neil and Natalya Almond have been given the compensation after the hospital admitted the child would most likely have survived had he been delivered properly.

Because of previous misconduct, Dr Dina, who trained in Nigeria, was subject to various restrictions, including a requirement to inform his professional body of any hospital work he accepted when he delivered baby Arron.

At a hearing in January, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service found Dr Dina had breached these conditions by failing to inform the General Medical Council of his posting at Blackburn, failing to arrange necessary supervision from senior staff, and also failing to present bosses with an official assessment of his performance.

His treatment however was not found to have contributed to Arron’s death.

Dr Dina’s 12-month suspension from practicing began in February and an appeal against it has been thrown out. Mr Almond, 36, of Sough Road, Darwen said: “Every time we have tried to fight we have had walls put up in front of us.

“But we have not given in and we have had massive support from friends and family.

“We are obviously pleased Dr Dina has had his appeal turned down.

“We have always hoped he would get struck off and we have to be grateful that this doctor is not working.”

Mr and Mrs Almond remain unhappy that an inquest ruled ‘accidental death’.

Mr Almond said: “Every time we get an apology from the hospital it is from someone I have never heard of.”

Ian Stanley, interim medical director at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “The trust is unable to comment further on this very sad incident and our thoughts remain with the family.

“Lessons have been learned and changes in practice have been put in place to ensure the safety of all our patients which is of paramount importance to us.

“On the basis of both internal and external investigations, the trust has found no grounds for action against individual doctors.”