DANNY Ings will be forking out for a Clarets’ season tickets after losing a computer game to a young cancer sufferer.

Lewis Taylor, 11, who has been battling a rare form of cancer in his soft tissue, was left stunned when his hero strolled into his Todmorden Road home and challenged him to a game of FIFA 14 on the Playstation.

The star striker promised Lewis a season ticket if he won, and several minutes later the youngster was looking forward to visiting Turf Moor for every home game of the 2014/15 Premier League.

The visit was arranged through Danny’s friend and personal trainer Jamie Kennedy, who is a childhood friend of Lewis’s sister, Kellie.

Kellie, 26, said: “I told Lewis about it beforehand, but I don’t think he believed me, so he was absolutely amazed when Danny walked in. He’s a massive Burnley fan and Danny’s his favourite player. I don’t think many footballers would do something like that.”

Lewis, who lives with his parents Susan and Gary, had just started at Unity College last year when he was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of the soft tissue that affects fewer than 60 children in the UK.

His cancer is in his thumb, and his family said they are only aware of one other person in the world with the same condition.

He underwent surgery to remove the tumour at Birmingham Children’s Hospital in May and has since started on a course of radiotherapy in Manchester.

Kellie added: “The doctors were quite positive that they’d got rid of the tumour, but we won’t know for a few weeks if it’s all been successful. He’s just in the hands of the gods, but he’s got a good chance and he’s fighting it really well.”