EAST LANCASHIRE Euro-MP Paul Nuttall has criticised Labour leader Ed Miliband’s new plans to create 'technical degrees'.

The UKIP deputy leader said: "This obsession by Labour for virtually everyone to obtain a degree is a nonsense.

“Pushing for 50 per cent to have one was crazy enough and now they are talking about technical degrees for the 'forgotten 50 per cent'.

"We used to have fantastic technical colleges which turned out highly skilled tradesmen who served our country well and since 2010 we have had technical colleges sponsored by universities.

"Now Miliband is re-inventing the wheel but pretending he has come up with something new.

"We all know that not everyone is academic but everybody has potential for success and technical colleges are an obvious solution.

“But you don't need a degree to be a first class electrician, plumber or other tradesman, "This drive for all to have degrees not only means that those who don't go to university may feel like failures but equally when degrees are so commonplace how do employers differentiate between graduates?"