MOTORISTS who attempt to queue-jump to save time on one of East Lancashire’s busiest roads could soon be facing major obstacles.

Plans have been drawn up Lancashire County Council to head off drivers who try to avoid logjams at the start of Vivary Way in Colne.

Vehicles often travel down the right-hand lane of the A6068, as they approach the traffic lights with Barrowford Road and Crown Way, then attempt to nip back into the left-hand lane to travel straight on.

But Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson and borough council leader Coun Joe Cooney have applauded proposals by county highway engineers to put the brakes on the motorists.

Not only will extra right-hand only markings be created but physical barriers will be introduced, down the centre of the road to make lane-hopping impossible.

Daily tailbacks develop as Vivary Way is the chief route out of East Lancashire to destinations around Skipton and North Yorkshire as well as Keighley and West Yorkshire.

Coun Cooney said: “It’s really frustrating when you’re in the left hand lane, waiting like everyone else, and you see someone come flying past you and then change lanes at the traffic lights.

“It’s been an issue for quite some time and it really does annoy a lot of people that some motorists are in effect queue-jumping.

“Introducing this barrier will physically prevent that and it’s something I’ve wanted for a while. It’s encouraging news”.

Mr Stephenson, who lives in Colne, added: “This has been a long-running issue and I'm glad that the county council is finally looking at ways of resolving it.”

Controversial plans to create a bypass on the M65 around Foulridge, which would alleviate congestion on Vivary Way, are still in the pipeline.