PLANS are being put together for a new 132-home development in a Ribble Valley village.

Sheffield-based Hallam Land Management is preparing to submit a formal application to the borough council regarding a 5.4 hectare site next to Langho’s train station between the A59 and Whalley Road.

The village’s residents have been sent a leaflet outlining the main points of the proposal and have been asked to submit their views to the company before the application is then sent.

As part of the plan, a new access road would be created to the A59 and a shared car park next to the train station with up to 20 spaces would also be built.

The company has also said that contributions would also be made to the upgrade of the facilities at the station and that ‘on-site ecological features would be enhanced’.

Moorland Road resident Mark Seed, who has lived in the village since 2004, said: “We don’t have the facilities to cope with more houses in the village.

“The schools are full up and we don’t have enough shops to cater for so many more people.

“I think that the extra access to the A59 will be extremely dangerous.

“The people in and around my street are aware of the proposal and they don’t want it either.

“It will cause chaos at peak times and I hope that the company work with the residents who submit their views to them.”

In a statement on the leaflet, a spokesman for the company said: “The council’s evidence demonstrates that there is a growing need for more housing, with the emerging local plan identifying a need for 5,600 new homes in the Ribble Valley to 2028 to meet the needs of existing and future generations.

“The site is not in the green belt or on a flood plain, and there are no technical issues that would prevent its development.

“Initial studies have been carried out to inform our proposals.

“Through studying the area, a ‘master plan’ is evolving which seeks to complement the local characteristics by enhancing the existing neighbourhood.”

Residents have been asked to send their comments to: Pegasus Planning Group, Barnett House, 53 Fountain Street, Manchester, M2 2AN.