A BARNOLDSWICK bus service has been restored and service to the south of the town restarted yesterday.

The bus turning circle at the Fosters Arms was closed for development in January and originally, the service was diverted down Louvain Street and Arthur Street.

But it was eventually suspended after several incidents owing to the street being too narrow, leaving that area of town without a bus service.

Coun Lyle Davy, who was elected in May, said he had raised the issue with Pendle Council many times.

He said: “This was a huge issue in the run-up to my election, and I said I’d get it sorted. I’m glad that I’ve been able to. I met with the owner of B&J Travel, who operate the service, to find out what it would take to get the service running again, and then set about finding a solution,”

Coun Davy said he identified a piece of land, owned by Pendle Council on Greenberfield Lane and worked with the bus company to see whether it would be large enough. They did a test run, and it was, and so signage has now been erected warning people that buses will be turning.

MP Andrew Stephenson MP said: “I've had a lot of residents contact me about this, and I’m glad that working with Lyle we’ve been able to come up with a common-sense solution. He’s worked really hard.”