TEENAGERS who climbed up on to a factory roof putting their lives in danger have been slammed by police.

A passer-by called police after seeing three 14-year-old boys on top of the old Kippax Biscuit factory, in Dockray Street, Colne.

Two police officers, two PCSO’s, six firefighters and a Nelson fire engine were called to the building at around 7.15pm on Wednesday, along with the alarm company key holder.

When officers arrived, the boys refused to communicate with police and tried to hide themselves from view.

PC Nigel Keates, from Colne and West Craven police, said: “This a complete waste of police time and a waste of the fire service’s time.

“But more than that, it is completely dangerous.

“The roof is very fragile in places and parts of the building are up to 60 to 70 feet high – definitely high enough to kill someone.

“We have had enough tragedy in this area in the past few months with teenagers dying tragically and we just don’t need any more.”

PC Keates explained that when police received the call, they were unaware that the culprits were teenagers.

He said: “We were shouting up but they weren’t resp-onding and, at this point, we didn’t know if it was someone trying to break in or someone who needed help.

“We alerted the fire brigade who then turned up and climbed up to the building to find that it was three boys messing around. It is a waste of resources.”

The boys were brought down to the ground by fire crews.