THE Prime Minister has promised to do more to back up Clare’s Law after an East Lancashire MP raised the issue of domestic violence in parliament.

Jake Berry, who represents Rossendale and Darwen, tabled a discussion on the scheme, which allows people to find out if their partner has a history of abuse, following the murder of Cherylee Shennan in Rawtenstall.

The 40-year-old was killed by Paul O’Hara, who had only been out of prison 23 months after serving 14 years behind bars for murdering another partner.

He beat Cherylee with a hammer before chasing her down the street where he stabbed her to death.

When a post mortem was carried out on her body, it was revealed she had a fractured jaw, which was most likely caused by O’Hara ass-aulting her before her death.

Mr Berry told David Cameron during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons: “The introduction of Clare’s Law, or the right to know, to find out if your partner has a history of violence, and in this case she did know this history of violence, must be backed up by support by both the police and the probation service so those in this situation know of the potential dangers they face, so we will not see another tragedy like the death of Cherylee.”

Mr Cameron said the introduction of the sch-eme had made a ‘real difference’, adding: “I’m proud of the fact that it has now been rolled out across the country.”

But he insisted: “We need to do more with the police and probation service and the prison service to make sure that more warnings are given in more cases.”