AN ARTS centre has scripted a moving play as a unique way to commemorate the anniversary of the First World War.

The Civic Arts Centre, Oswaldtwistle is to present a play ‘Our Ossy Pals’ as part of a historical project carried out with local young people.

The play is part of the Accrington Pals Project currently running at the Civic Arts Centre throughout the summer.

Young actors and writers have spent weeks inviting people into the Union Road centre to share their First World War stories, tales and to show moving mementoes.

The centre’s young people have created a play which tackles the reaction of young people in 1914.

They were confronted with news of a war which will change their lives forever.

The show follows a group of young people, shortly after the famous lock out at Howard and Bullough. The management had locked-out the whole workforce of nearly 5,000 men and boys from the Accrington firm following a strike for trade union recognition and a minimum wage.

Posters will be advertising the show across Hyndburn as the ‘epic journey’ of one group of Pals as ‘Accrington is faced with the great task of raising 1,000 men for Kitchener's army’.

Project manager Lucy Fitzpatrick at the Civic Arts Centre said: “We have lots of people, including some historians, come in to talk to the young people.

“It’s really inspired them to put their own stamp on the commerations.

“It will be a lot like the Welcome to Gobbinland project we did the other year– using history to create art.

“Our Drama Club members have been really inspired by the stories they have heard. They have created a script which will be really dramatic and tear jerking for audiences.”

A date is yet to be finalised for the first showing of the play, but is expected to be on the Union Road stage by late August or early September.

For more information contact the arts centre by calliing the number 01254 398319.