A FORCES’ charity is seeking volunteers in Lancashire to mentor sick or injured veterans who may be struggling to cope with the transition from military to civilian life.

The scheme, launched by national military charity SSAFA, hopes to find 300 mentors across the UK by the end of the year, and the charity has indentified Lancashire as a location where more volunteers are needed.

Karen Oldfield, who manages SSAFA’s scheme and is a mentor herself, said: “Finding employment, housing and dealing with bureaucracy can mean that soldiers occasionally fall through the cracks.

“This scheme will keep a watchful eye on those identified as facing potential difficulties and support them.”

Most mentor and mentee relationships are expected to last around a year, with volunteers receiving two-and-a half days training and expenses.

Anyone interested in helping should contact the SSAFA by visiting ssafa.org.uk, by emailing mentoring@ssafa.org.uk or by calling 0845 241 7141.