PIONEERING new electronic illuminated signs are being installed at East Lancashire motorbike accident blackspots, the first such use of the technology in Britain.

Over the next few weeks the flashing warnings will be placed in rotation at three locations with a reputation for two-wheeled collisions and injuries.

The state-of-the-art LED signs have just been installed on the A675 between Belmont and Abbey Village and the A682 Blacko to Gisburn.

In two weeks time one will move to on Long Lane between Chorley and Rivington Barn, Lancashire County Council is installing the signs.

They feature eye-catching warnings, to support the government's 'THINK!' road safety campaign.

They will circulate between eight locations in the county for the next two months.

And if they are as effective as hoped they will become a permanent feature of the summer roadscape.

Figures show that motorbikes account for only one per cent of traffic on Lancashire's roads, but 15 per cent of all collisions.

Between April 2013 and April 2014, 178 people were killed or seriously injured in collisions involving motorbikes in the county.

A number of East Lancashire roads have old fashioned yellow and black ‘Think Bike’ warning signs from previous safety campaigns. They include the A646 Burnley Road between Cliviger and Bacup which claimed the lives of three motorcyclists between 2008 and 2010, the A671 Bacup Road and lanes on Pendle Hill.

The new campaign will see three signs rotated across eight locations in the county during the peak summer biking months.

LCC highways boss John Fillis, said: “Reducing the number of collisions on Lancashire's roads is one of our priorities.

“More than 800 people have been killed or seriously injured in motorbike incidents over the last five years.

“These signs are an important part of our plans.

“And we've worked closely with the police to make sure we install them where they will have the biggest impact.

“The 'THINK! biker!' warnings are very visible and can be seen by approaching traffic.”

The new signs are supported by Lancashire Police’s Inspector Dave Mangan.

He has launched the 'Last Ride? Your choice' warning of the danger of riding while you aret ired.