TWO children are being sought after Clitheroe police received three reports of counterfeit £20 notes being used in the town yesterday.

Traders on Clitheroe Market and at the Oxfam charity shop in Market Place alerted the police after becoming suspicious of the money believed to have been used by the girls.

The police have said that they are believed to be between 12 and 14-years-old, with dark hair and wearing bright shorts and tops.

Two notes have been recovered by the police and are being examined by forensics.

The police received the calls shortly after noon.

PC Mark Parrington said: “Investigations are on-going and we would ask all traders in the area to be aware of the fake notes.

“The watermark is quite poor and it’s obvious that they are fake when compared to a real note.

“We have recovered two notes and the forensic teams are working on them.”