WILDLIFE enthusiasts are being urged to keep feeding the birds in their garden throughout the summer months.

Experts claim the recent cool and wet conditions East Lancashire have made it difficult for birds to find their staple insect food, particularly caterpillars.

Richard James, a wildlife advisor at the RSPB, said: “Now is the height of the birds’ breeding season so there are many busy parents looking for food to feed their hungry offspring.

“Birds need to find food for their young brood quickly and don’t want to be away from them for too long. So having a supply of seeds, mealworms and suitable kitchen leftovers can really help them out.”

The RSPB sells a third more bird food in June than it does in December.

Alan Wright, of Lancashire Wildlife Trust, said to stop putting food out would take away a convenient source of food for busy bird families.

He said: “In the spring and the summer, the bird table is a ready source of food and if it dries up for them, it is like your supermarket not being there. At this time of year, we have got birds nesting and feeding their young, so they need as much feed as possible.” The RSPB is also asking gardeners to plant insect friendly flowers so butterflies, bees and other insects can thrive.

Honeysuckle, dahlia and cornflower are among those that are attractive to look at and nectar rich for insects.

The charity is also asking people to leave out tinned dog or cat food or crushed biscuits for hedgehogs but never leave out milk as it can cause stomach problems.