PARENTS in Great Harwood have been asked to stop their children playing football in the street.

Letters were delivered to residents in St Hubert’s Road, Lord Street, and Blackburn Road, after a home was damaged by youngsters playing ball.

Written by local councillor Noordad Aziz, it said: “I have been asked by the police to politely ask if you could advise your children not to play any ball games in that area to avoid further instances of damage to people’s property.

“I am working with the council to try and and provide alternative activities for the young people and will endeavour to continue to do so.”

Coun Aziz said: “It was decided as a way of tackling the issue a letter should be issued to ask parents to ask their children not to play close to residential housing where damaged can be caused.

“We also working actively to try and provide activities for the young people in the area so they are occupied in the summer. This is an ongoing project between the Netherton councillors, the police and the young people’s service.”