A UNION leader has slammed claims that half of teachers want performance related pay.

A poll commissioned by the Sutton Trust on teachers’ pay surveyed 1,163 teachers. It found 55 per cent of primary teachers and 52 per cent of secondary teachers accepted that ‘considering the progress and results of pupils they teach’ should be one of the criteria used when deciding on incremental pay increases.

Blackburn NUT representative Simon Jones said: “Despite the spin, this research proves again that teachers oppose performance pay.

“Historically movement up the pay scale was linked to seniority and increasing competence. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that teachers continue to favour the previous system, which is transparently fairer and less open to biased judgements.

“In England and Wales the NUT is very concerned about the increases in workload new performance pay measures have brought. Heads, feeling under pressure from Ofsted, demand evidence of what teachers are doing on a daily basis.

“Thousands of schools deciding their own pay structures is a real distraction from the teaching and learning that should be the focus of schools' work.”