MORE than 100 additional carers have been identified in Hyndburn thanks to a grant from local health bosses.

East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) asked Carers Link Lancashire to work with GP member practices to identify patients who are carers.

Not all carers are known to health workers, as many people act as carers in an informal role, such as looking after a disabled child or elderly parents. Some can be unaware of services which exist to support them.

Out of 1,071 patients approached, 131 were identified as being carers. After identifying the carer, comprehensive support was offered through a face-to-face assessment.

Dr Murthy Motupalli, Hyndburn clinical lead at the CCG, said: “Carers do an absolutely marvellous job and save the NHS millions of pounds of valuable resources every year.

“They are, however, at a higher risk of developing mental and physical ill health.

“As commissioners responsible for looking after the health of our population, I am delighted we have secured the services of Carers Link to offer carers increased support in looking after themselves.”

If you would like to know more about the services and support that Carers Link Lancashire can provide to you, call 0345 688 7113.