ANIMAL owners across East Lancashire have been urged by vets to take care when picking a flea treatment to avoid harming their pets this summer.

The British Veterinary Association has said that most treatments are safe and effective but not all are appropriate for every animal. The association is encouraging owners to speak to a vet about different options before treating their pet to ensure they are able to choose the best and safest option available.

Products used inappropriately or those intended for other species can seriously harm or even kill an animal. Association president and veterinary surgeon Robin Hargreaves said: “As the weather gets warmer many owners will be stepping up their efforts to keep their pets and homes flea and tick free.

“It’s understandable that people might be tempted to reach for the cheapest option or to use up products that they purchased last year but these can be ineffective or even dangerous to your pet.

“I can easily understand how the wide range of available flea treatment products, of varying efficacy, could be confusing for owners.”