A FATHER-OF-ONE beaten up in Blackburn town centre has been left in agony facing an 11 day wait for his broken arm to be fixed.

Kabier Hussain was told by staff at the Royal Blackburn Hospital they could not carry out the surgery he needed because equipment was not available.

He had two operations cancelled after lengthy waits in hospital, only to be told surgery was no longer required and a brace would be fitted instead.

The 24-year-old, who is in a cast all the way up to his shoulder and is set to be given the brace tomorrow, said he was furious about the treatment he received.

Mr Hussain said: “The pain is really bad, I have not felt anything like it before and I cannot move.

“The hospital cannot treat people like this.

“I feel like it does not matter what is wrong with me, everybody else is more important.”

Mr Hussain, of Walter Street, Blackburn, broke his left humerus after he was attacked in Market Street Lane at around 1.30am on Saturday, May 31.

He said he had been outside Zy Bar when he was grabbed and punched before being thrown against a wall and falling to the ground.

His brother took him to the Royal Blackburn where his arm was put in a cast up to his elbow and he was told to go back the next day.

Mr Hussain, who is unemployed, said: “I could not control my arm.

“The bone just kept swinging about.

“I was in a lot of pain. It was the worst I have ever felt.

“I kept waking up in pain and I had to get people to help me get up off the sofa. I could not even eat.”

An X ray revealed the fracture in Mr Hussain’s arm was actually above his elbow and another cast was put on up to his shoulder.

He was then told he would need an operation and to go back the next day.

Mr Hussain was advised not to eat or drink anything from 3am on the day of his procedure and to arrive at the hospital at 8am on Tuesday.

He said he was third on the surgery list, but after around eight hours of waiting, staff told him there was a problem.

Mr Hussain said: “They told me they could not operate on me because they did not have the equipment.

“I was really annoyed. I was supposed to have contact with my daughter that day, but I missed it.”

The next day, Mr Hussain was called to say he would be able to have the operation the following day, but around three hours after he arrived at the hospital, he was again informed the surgery would not take place.

He said: “The nurse told me they could not do my operation because they had life-threatening injury cases.

“Again I was really angry and the pain was really bad.”

Mr Hussain is now expecting to see specialists tomorrow when his arm will be put in a brace, rather than having surgery.

He said: “I could be with the brace for six months.

“The pain will not go away because my bone will still be broken.

“If my nerve gets torn, I could lose the feeling in my hand.

“I just want my arm to get sorted.

“I cannot play with my daughter because I cannot move my arm.

“She does not want to come near me in case she hurts me.

“I feel like I have been completely messed around.”

He said he had written a letter to the theatre manager to explain his concerns.

Christine Pearson, chief nurse, said Mr Hussain should contact the trust’s customer services team so they can deal with his complaint.

She said: “We aim to provide safe, personal and effective care to all our patients and we are sorry that Mr Hussain feels that we haven’t met his expectations.”

Dr Tom Smith, the Lancashire Telegraph’s health expert, said: “It sounds like they haven’t got enough people there to operate, as a brace is very much a second choice treatment.

“It wouldn’t be too late as they could always break the bone again and then do the operation to pin it in place.

“If his arm is in a brace it’s not going to be as good a result as it might not heal properly or straight. He should be operated on.”

Health campaigner Roy Davies said Mr Hussain appeared to have been treated very badly.

He said: “I’m not a medical person, but it doesn’t sound right to me, it’s a bit ridiculous.

“I’m wondering whether he could have been sent to Burnley.

“If they didn’t have the equipment why didn’t they send him to Burnley?

“I would want the first choice treatment, that should have been made available to him, no matter where he had to go for it.”

A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police said they were investigating the assault on Mr Hussain.

Anybody with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.