YOUNGSTERS who ride mini-motorcycles and quad bikes are tearing up a Hyndburn nature reserve.

Youths have been spotted using the Foxhill Bank Nature Reserve, woodland, and playing fields near Harvey Street.

One resident, who contacted local councillors after his partner was nearly hit, said: “On several occasions these bikes also race along Harvey Street or cut across it at high speed, causing a danger to themselves and others, “I have had to take evasive action when driving along the road because of this and my partner has been within inches of being hit by one of these bikes at high speed whilst walking our dog in the woodland.

“I have made several complaints about this and I am aware that many other residents have also, yet no action is being taken to stop this potentially lethal practice.

“No-one wants to take responsibility and constantly pass the buck between themselves rather than resolving the problem.”

Oswaldtwistle councillor Peter Britcliffe contacted police and called for action to be taken.

He said: “Something needs to be done to resolve this dangerous issue. It will be too late when there is a bad accident.”

Community beat manager for Oswaldtwistle, PC Kat Stokes, said police did not intend to chase the riders, but to use intelligence from the community to seize the bikes instead.

She said: “We have a moral obligation not to pursue them if they could hurt somebody.

“Retrospectively, we can do something if we know who was riding it.

“So we need the community to give us the information.

“They are very dangerous, and have no consideration for other people.

“Foxhill Bank Nature Reserve is being ruined by these people riding very fast.”

To report crime, call police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.