BAKERY giants Warburtons has been persuaded that they ‘'knead’ to change the name of their sandwich wraps — after being tipped off by brainy pupils at a Padiham school.

Youngsters at St John The Baptist RC Primary measured the firm's brown ‘square-ish wraps’ — and wrote to bosses to suggest that they were in fact rectangular.

And now the bakery — which is currently expanding its production site in Billington Road, Burnley — has taken on board the advice and changed the product’s name. Gary Dugdale, Warburton’s distribution and community manager, wrote to the schoolchildren and their teacher, Maria Adamson, to confirm that the product had been renamed ‘soft brown easy roll wraps’.

Mrs Adamson said her class had first raised the issue when she ate the wraps for lunch one afternoon. She said: “We noticed that the wraps were not square, but rectangular, and did a couple of lessons around it.

“For maths, they all got their rulers out and measured the actual wraps. Then for our writing session we drafted letters to send to Warburtons to tell them about the inaccuracy. One of the girls’ dads works for the company and Warburtons were fantastic in replying and visited the classroom with a supply of bakery treats.

“The whole class had a wonderful picnic eating pancakes and wraps while soaking up the sunshine.”

In his letter to the class, Mr Dugdale said: “Thank you for your letters that have been sent to inform Warburtons of an issue with our wraps.

“Due to the awareness of the issue raised, we have now changed our packaging to remove the ‘square-ish’ description, and the wraps are now described as easy roll wraps.”