SHARON Aharoni was so impressed with juice bars she saw in Manchester that she decided to extend her food court business on Blackburn Market by opening the first vegetable juice takeaway in town.

Sharon said: “Health experts say it’s not five a day we should be getting it’s now seven, so this is the easiest way to get them all.

“A juice drink provides vegetable intake that fits in with diets such as Slimming World using produce sold on the stalls in the market.

“Because it’s all here we can easily accommodate the latest celebrity fad or get thin quick bikini diet that customers find in the papers.”

Situated at the bottom of the escalators, the Juice Bar has quickly built up a regular customer base including dieters with a busy lifestyle who are looking to speed up their metabolism with a regular fix of recommended nutrients in what Sharon calls ‘vitality juices’.

Sharon added: “Beetroot is a great source of calcium, folic acid, iron, and vitamin’s B and C. Carrots are full of magnesium and vitamin A.

“Unlike a fresh fruit smoothie, the process of juicing raw, fresh vegetables does not create a high calorific sugar content.

“We will make up any combination of vegetable juice drink according to what the customer wants.

“Of course, the great thing about being in Blackburn Market is that if there’s an unusual ingredient like kale or fennel that’s asked for, I can buy it from one of the stalls. It’s all to hand. I don’t need to store up a large amount of stock. It’s completely fresh every day.”