BOSSES at a leading mental health charity have said they are ‘extremely shocked’ at a ‘barrage of abuse and threats’ neighbours of a facility in Loveclough have sent to staff.

The private care home, in Penny Lodge Lane, is home to four people suffering from such illnesses as post- traumatic stress disorder, post natal depression, and eating disorders.

The owner and workers at the five-bedroom property, in Penny Lodge Lane, have received ‘threatening’ letters, texts, and emails from residents who wrongly believe sex offenders and violent criminals are housed there.

Stewart Lucas, CEO of Lancashire Mind, said: “We are extremely shocked and saddened to hear about the abuse and threats of violence to the staff and residents at the home in Loveclough.

“These conditions do not represent immediate harm to anyone in the community.

“Experiencing conditions of these type can be distressing for the person involved and Lancashire Mind believes the correct response is empathy and understanding not abuse, violence or threats of violence.

“We condemn anyone carrying out these actions and where this type of myth, misconception and misunderstanding exists we will endeavour to rectify and bring clarity and calm to the community.

“Misconceptions around mental health conditions leads to the wider community having unsubstantiated fears and concerns.

“In this any fears and concerns are completely unwarranted and unfounded.

“With around a quarter of the population of Lancashire experiencing anxiety and depression at any one time, we are confident that no threat to the community exists at Loveclough.

“We are more than happy to reach out to the community and care home owners to ensure there is an appropriate understanding of the matters in hand.

“I will be in touch with Graeme Proctor, manager at Loveclough, council leader Alyson Barnes and the police to assist them further.”

More than 22 pages of e-mails and several other communications have been handed to police, and Mr Procter is seeking legal advice.