SOLICITOR Danial Hayes overcame a fear of flying to raise more than £500 by doing an 11,000ft skydive.

Mr Hayes, who works from Curtis Law Solicitors in Blackburn, jumped out of a plane for the Help For Heroes charity at the weekend.

A spokesman for the firm said: “Getting to the airport bright and early and watching people jump out of the plane before it was his turn, Danial found that waiting was only making his nerves worse.

“Putting on the wind-suit, harness, helmet, gloves and goggles, Danial was the last one on the plane as he was waiting for his instructor.

“This meant he was the first one off.”

Danial jumped 11,000ft, plummeting to earth at 127mph, and it was all over in a minute.

The spokesman added: “Danial’s immediate thought was ‘I want to do that again’.”

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