A CHARITY for retired police dogs is being set up in Canada after organisers were inspired by the success of the Lancashire group.

Sheila Maw, chairman of the Retired Lancashire Police Dogs Benevolent Fund, said fundraisers in the Saskatchewan province had been thrilled to hear about how the group helps ex-service animals.

There is currently no charity to help former police dogs in the country, meaning some of have to be put down.

Mrs Maw, from Whalley, said: “When I told my friend there what we did, she thought they must do this too.

“She is hoping to start in Saskatchewan and then spread from there.

“They had never heard of a group like ours and so they have been inspired by what we have in Lancashire.”

Mrs Maw will now send over start-up packs, similar to the ones she gives to other UK counties who ask for support in setting up their own organisations.

The Lancashire charity was the first of its kind in the country and was started 10 years ago by international Scottish terrier judge Mrs Maw.

She also thanked supporters who had made donations after reading the story of German Shepherd Max, who was forced into retirement after being attacked by a pit bull terrier. The charity chairman said: “It is obviously a great help to us because we will provide for Max for the rest of his life.

“We are buying him a new kennel and we will pay any vets bills and any other expenses that come up.

“It is so important people keep helping us because it is the only way we get funded.”

Max will now be living with his former police handler PC Jon Kelly.

To find out more about the Lancashire Police Dogs Benevolent Fund and to make a donation, visit retiredpolicedogs.co.uk