DOZENS of protesters from two communities took part in a moorland march to fight proposals to install 12 giant turbines between Waterfoot and the outskirts of Rochdale.

Ramblers, horse riders, mountain bike riders, and runners have united as the ‘Friends of Rooley Moor Road’ in a bid to prevent Cor- onation Power constructing another East Lancashire wind farm.

One party set off from Waterfoot, and another from the Rochdale end of the historic route, part of which was cobbled in the 19th century.

Graham Wright, Rossen-dale Harriers chairman and walk organiser, paid tribute to those who took part in the exercise, despite the downpours.

He said: “This is som-ething which is very imp-ortant to me, to try and help to preserve an area which I love, that I have walked, cycled, and run over, since I was a lad.

“To see it destroyed, as it will be, if the plans are appr- oved will be heartbreak-ing.”

Arnold Sampson, of Ross-endale Ramblers, said that the general feeling among protesters was that the area above Rossendale and Roch- dale already had ‘more than its fair share’ of wind farms.

Proposals have also been lodged to double the size of the Scout Moor wind farm, which stands on land bet-ween Edenfield and Nor-den.

The Friends of Rossen-dale Bridleway Association were also in attendance as the road is part of the Pen-nine Bridleway, and the Mary Towneley Loop, and is reg-ularly used by riders.

Rossendale MP Jake Berry has also voiced his object-ions to the latest scheme, as part of his ‘Not On Our Hills’ campaign.

Campaigners have encour- aged protesters to contact their local councillors, as well as the authorities, to outline their opposition.

The friends group has e-mailed the developer with a list of technical concerns regarding the construction of access roads for the prop- osed turbines.