BABY Eva Grace Lorente may only be 14 days old but she is already an internet sensation – complete with her own superhero alter ego.

Eva’s proud dad Paul Lorente decided to ‘live tweet’ his daughter’s birth, complete with the hashtag #Princess Batman, the name he and his wife gave to their ‘bump’.

Mum Alana, 29, was happy to go along with her husband’s idea, even though she hates Twitter, and despite giving birth almost 24 hours after being induced.

Paul, who lives with his family in Wilfred Street, Accrington, said: “Both me and my wife have big families. We both have lots of friends and we both have an extended church family.

“We’d told them all that Alana was being induced and everyone wanted updates.

“I just thought that setting up a Twitter account would be the easiest way to do it so people could just click the link and see where we were up to without inundating us with phone calls and text messages.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

#PrincessBatman has now been viewed more than 1,500 times and the couple’s friends and family were ‘glued’ to their screens.

Paul, a claims handler at Endsleigh in Burnley, said: “We called her Princess Batman because we wanted her real name to be a surprise and because we knew she had Down syndrome, I didn’t want people thinking of her as the ‘Down syndrome baby’. I thought she’d prefer a cool alter ego.”

But Alana, a buyer at The In Thing in Blackburn, admitted there were times during labour at the Burnley Birthing Unit when seeing her husband tweeting was less than welcome, before Eva arrived weighing 7lb 7oz.

The pair said part of the decision to tweet was because there can be complications during the birth of children with Down syndrome.

Alana said: “When we were first told she had Down syndrome, I did panic and think, how can I look after a child with ‘special needs’ but then I realised, all children have ‘special needs’ to be met by their parents and so she would be no different at all.”