TRAVELLERS who cut the lock from the fence around Green Lane Community Centre were removed from the site yesterday.

Two vans first moved onto the site, which were later followed by four caravans on Tuesday night. It is thought that a padlock on the gate must have been removed so they could enter the car park.

Local councillor Konrad Tapp reported it to the council, who ordered that they leave the site by 6pm yesterday.

Mr Tapp said: “I find it infuriating. If any other member of the public did something like this they would be charged. What right have they to cut a padlock off the car park and just come in and use it for themselves?

“The community centre is used by vulnerable people, people with special needs and people with disabilities.

“There’s also a nursery on the site and travellers should be no where near.”

The police attended the scene at around 4.30pm and the travellers began moving their caravans and vehicles around 5pm.

A spokesman from Lancashire Police said: “We attended the scene to ensure that the travellers and their vehicles were gone by 6pm.

“They were removed without incident.

Mr Tapp added: “I’d like to thank Inspector Khan and the Lancashire constabulary for their assistance and their quick response to this matter.”