ARCHIE Swinscoe may only be 10, but he is all revved up to take part in the second round of the British Karting Championship this weekend.

The five-month long championship, consisting of six rounds, will see karting enthusiast Archie first behind the wheel in Buckmore Park, Kent to compete against 37 other Honda Cadets, all aged between 8 and 13.

Archie, who lives in Withnell with his mum Paula, and dad John, has been karting since he was seven and, although he has taken part in competitions bef-ore, this is the first time he will race at championship level.

In some respects, Archie was almost predisposed to like karting as both his mum and dad are rally drivers, and run Rallytech Composites Ltd, which man-ufactures composite parts for rally and racing cars.

Paula said: “Archie has been doing it for a long time now, and he just loves it. Both his father and I are into rally driving, so I suppose he gets it from us.

“I’m still a co-driver and will be entering both the Scottish Championship and the British Championship this year, myself.

“I started driving with my husband in the early nineties, but he doesn’t do so much now. He focuses more on Archie’s karting.”

Paula said that her love of adrenaline sports made it easy for her to watch her son while he competes in his risky chosen sport.

She said: “When I’m watching him, I don’t really get nervous, or worry about him too much.

“I know that he is enjoying it, and will be getting a kick out of it.

“Obviously, if there was any kind of incident, then I’d be worried, but when I’m watching him my overriding thought is just for him to do well.

“I get quite comp-etitive about it som-etimes but, whatever happens, we’re just both so proud of him.”