BODY cameras are to be worn by police officers in East Lancashire.

Plans are in place for officers to wear the devices from this summer in a bid to stop people committing crime and provide excellent evidence for court cases.

Cameras have been used by police in the region in the past for a small number of operations, but a spokeswoman for Lancashire Constabulary said it was now intended they would be used more commonly.

She said: “We have used body cams for a number of years and in a variety of roles and we are looking at how their use can be expanded.

“We are evaluating what incidents and roles they are most suitable for and training more officers in their use.

“They are an excellent tool in terms of preserving evidence, acting as a deterrent and also instilling public confidence.”

The announcement came as the Met Police, in London said they were planning to make officers wear cameras as part of their uniforms in a bid to boost transparency following the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan by armed police. His death in August sparked the London riots.

Clive Grunshaw, Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, said he planned to scrutinise the cameras’ effectiveness and impact once they were introduced across the county.

He added: “Their introduction has the potential to be beneficial to the public and to Lancashire’s officers, and will enable evidence to be captured that may otherwise be missed – helping to strengthen and speed up court proceedings.

“I am committed to ensuring Lancashire’s officers have access to the technology they need to achieve the best outcomes for the county’s residents, and I believe cameras will be an important part of that.”