A DAD is following in his daughter’s footsteps at Blackburn College.

Blackburn man Iain Hargreaves and daughter Emily are now classmates after Iain signed up to the same university course.

Emily, 19, and 48-year-old Iain are studying a foundation degree in Public Service Management at Blackburn College’s University Centre after a rocky few years for their family.

Emily lives in Belvedere Road, Blackburn with her parents and two younger brothers. She said: “My friends ask how I cope with my dad on the same course, but it’s fine – we have always been a close family.

“Everyone loves him on the course and calls him ‘Pops’ and I am proud of him going back into education.”

Iain took voluntary redundancy from Royal Mail in 2000 and then began work at Virgin Trains.

However his wife Tracey was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and he took six months off to look after her.

Tracey recovered but, in the meantime, Iain’s parents were registered blind.

He said: “I loved my job but needed to be a full-time carer for my parents who are in their 80s. The problem, when caring for the elderly, is your pace of life slows down too and I felt I was stagnating, so this course has got me thinking again.”

Emily, a former St Wilfrid’s pupil, is also getting back on her feet after an eight-month bout of severe tonsillitis during her A Levels. She went into the class, came back and told her dad about it – and he signed up a month later.

Iain said: “She told me to put my money where my mouth is so I signed up – and it’s not simple. It’s extremely challenging!”

Emily has her heart set on becoming a teacher while it’s preparing Iain for his return to the job market.