A NURSE has avoided suspension after a tribunal found she failed to adequately supervise a convicted paedophile during a day trip.

Adele Mauback, who used to work for Kemple View psychiatric hospital in Lango, has been given an interim conditions of practice order for 12 months, while the Nursing and Midwifery Council decides on a final sanction.

She faced seven charges of misconduct at a hearing in London last week, with six of them found to be fully proved.

She admitted that she did not remain with the high-risk patient at all times, that she did not challenge him when he stole a cup from a Starbucks cafe, and that she failed to report and record the incident.

She was also found to have lied while applying for another job by concealing her dismissal for misconduct, instead saying she left Kemple View because she had been bullied, the NMC said.

However, she was cleared of leaving the patient near a young child.

Miss Mauback will be subject to a number of conditions in any new nursing role she takes, including extra supervision and being barred from shift work.