AN arts teacher who is alleged to have pledged to take revenge on unruly students who disrupted a school insp-ection has been slammed by his head-teacher.

According to a social network page under his name, Steven Nuttall told his Facebook friends he would ‘enjoy dishing out payback’ to Fearns Comm-unity Sports College pupils who had misbehaved during a two-day visit by Ofsted officials, on April 30 and May 1.

And a number of his colleagues eith-er ‘liked’ his status, or posted encour-aging comments.

Headteacher Nigel Dawson has cond-emned the teacher’s actions, and att-empted to reassure parents that the rem- arks are not representative of Fearns.

But a source close to the school, who alerted the Lancashire Telegraph to the postings, said: “The Facebook acc-ount was completely open, therefore accessible to the general public, incl-uding students and parents.”

The full mess-age reads: ‘Kick one, we all limp.... will enjoy the next 10 weeks dishing out pay-back to snidey lesson wreckers’.

His colleagues have posted mess- ages including ‘yeah’, ‘hell yeah’ and ‘do it’, after the post on April 30.

Mr Nuttall is well known at the Booth Road school as he is a qualified pilot, and has taken fellow teachers on free flights.The school’s last Ofsted visit in 2012 saw Fearns given a ‘sat-isfactory’ rating.

Headteacher Mr Dawson said: “It is extremely disappointing that these flippant comments have been made on social med-ia, and I must emphasise that they do not represent the views of the school in any way.

“We have not yet been form-ally notified of the result of our recent Ofsted inspection, so it would be premature to comm-ent at this stage.”

No-one at the school would confirm whether disciplinary action was being taken against Mr Nuttall.

The results of any Ofsted inspection are usually made public around three or four weeks after schools are visited.