A MEETING to discuss the future of a Barnoldswick clinic has been hailed as ‘very positive’.

Councillors in the town had been calling for a meeting with the East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group over concerns that services were being removed from Butts Clinic.

But following the meeting councillors said all parties had agreed that work would be carried out on the clinic.

Coun David Whipp, chairman of the West Craven Area Committee, said: “Myself and colleagues had a very positive meeting with health chiefs to discuss conditions at Butts Clinic and opportunities to improve health facilities in Barnoldswick.

“It’s been agreed that urgent work will be carried out so that the clinic is fit to use for treatment facilities and we’ll meet again to look at longer term plans.”

Coun Ken Hartley said: “The doctor’s surgery in Barnoldswick is bursting at the seams. An obvious solution is to use space at the clinic, but the present conditions don’t allow that.

“This is an opportunity to look at providing modern facilities that’ll serve residents in years to come.”

The clinic currently offers a range of family planning services as well as other treatments, but last year councillors hit out when podiatry services were withdrawn.

Coun Whipp said: “We met with Tim Mansfield and another colleague from the East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group.

“Mr Mansfield had arranged for urgent work to be carried out at Butts so that services can continue to be provided.

“A further meeting is being arranged with a wider range of health services bodies to look at options for improving services further in future.

“We are working to keep and expand local health services for people in Barnoldswick.”