A CHARITY has joined forces with an athletic star to support children in Somalia.

Education charity Tauheedul Relief Trust and the Mo Farah Foundation are working together to inspire and empower young people in Somalia.

The alliance begins with a programme to support schools in Somalia with resources, books, furniture, meals and health initiatives.

The partnership has seen the presentation of a £20,000 donation to the Mo Farah Foundation by the Tauheedul Relief Trust in Blackburn.

The funds will be used by the Mo Farah Foundation to implement and deliver key areas of their education programme.

Mo Isap, vice chair of the Blackburn-based Tauheedul Trust said: “At Tauheedul, we are passionate about making a difference to the lives of children through education.

“Our partnership with Mo Farah Foundation is underpinned by a vision of more children in Somalia attending school and having all the opportunities that this brings.

“The programme to support schools is an example of how our partnership will raise the aspirations of thousands of children and young people in Somalia.”

Chief Operating Officer of the Mo Farah Foundation, Diana Nell said: “We are delighted to be expanding on our educational programme with the support of Tauheedul Relief Trust which we believe is core to delivering our aims of supporting those who need it most”.