A FIRST-time burglar who went on a five house spree in as many days has been jailed for two years and four months.

Drug addict Vicky Parkinson had been to Thailand, kicked her habit but had then gone back on heroin when she returned, was living on the streets and had woken up in a backyard.

The 45-year-old mother was caught in a family home rummaging through coats and had sneaked into another property and stolen a handbag.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Parkinson was on a suspended sentence at the time, imposed after she was part of a drugs gang and had driven their vehicle at a police officer. She had a long record, but no previous convictions for burglary.

The defendant, from Colne, but of no fixed address, had admitted two counts of burglary and had asked for three offences, at Beech Street, King Street and Roundell Street, Barnoldswick, to be considered.

The offences were committed between March 14 and 18.

Joseph Allman, prosecuting, said on March 18, a man left his address on Regent Street, Nelson, for 15 minutes. His mother, sister and grandmother were still inside.

When he returned, he saw Parkinson in the hall, going through some coats. She claimed she was looking for Mohammed, the victim tried to block her path, but she climbed over a fence and ran away. His wallet had been stolen.

Mr Allman said the defendant was stopped by police outside Colne Asda and the stolen wallet was in a bag. Also in it were a purse and contents and prescription belonging to a woman who lived in Bevan Place, Nelson. Officers went to her home and it was only then she realised she had been the victim of a sneak-in burglary.

She said she had heard her dogs barking at about 10pm, but couldn't find anything amiss. A bag which had been hanging on the kitchen door was missing. Parkinson had 47 offences on her record. Richard Taylor, for Parkinson, said: “Her avowed intent is to come out of this sentence free of drugs again and to try and rehabilitate herself with her family.

“Her partner with whom she went to Thailand died two or three weeks ago.”