‘MORE equality in politics is needed,’ according to the leader of Lancashire County Council, Jenny Mein, who said women had ‘bourne the brunt of the government’s austerity drive’.

In a blog written for Hyndburn Labour’s website, Coun Mein said: “In local government, we are still failing to do enough to encourage women in our communities to stand for our local councils.

“Today women account for only 31per cent of councillors in Britain when they make up over 51per cent of the population.

“This has to change.

“It has to change not just to achieve a level of female representation that better represents the make-up of our community locally, but because so many of the decisions we make, and the services we provide, affect women directly.

“I want our daughters to see strong positive female role models in business, government, and industry, and to know that the qualities of a good MP, or councillor, are not inherently male qualities.”