A DAD battling terminal cancer has hit back at an internet troll who posted a series of vile comments on Facebook, accusing him of being a ‘freeloader’.

Tom Cooper, 27, from Lowerhouse Lane, Burnley, is fighting a rare form of neck cancer and last year launched a 'bucket list' of 30 things he wants to do before he dies.

Among the lasting legacy to his wife Tammy and daughters Ziani, three, and Tienna, six, Tom appealed for donations so the family could go on holiday to Lanzarote and a trip to Disneyland Paris.

Two years ago, the East Lancashire community raised £20,000 so the couple could tie the knot at Towneley Hall.

But a Facebook user has accused the couple of ‘making money from the word cancer’.

Mr Cooper said the messages started last September and in March this year he called the police.

One message said: “As far as I can see he’s had a week’s stay in hospital two-and-a-half years ago for an infection.


“No doubt they’ve other begging going on that we don’t know about. The whole idea is just sick...making money out of the word cancer to just do [things] constantly that most people save for.”

The Facebook user, listed as being from Padiham, also posted a recent update congratulating teenager cancer sufferer Stephen Sutton.

The 19-year-old has helped to raise over £3million for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

In that post he referred to ‘Topsy and Tim freeloaders’ and accused them of using Stephen’s popularity to fundraise for themselves to go on holiday and said they had ‘no morals’.

Mr Cooper, who has finished his most recent chemotherapy session just over a month ago, said: “I don’t understand why anybody would be like this. We’re not forcing anybody to donate.

“Although me having cancer affects the whole wider family, it is my three girls that matter to me the most.

“I am constantly asking myself will my girls remember me? Will I fade away from their memory with time?

“That is why we do the fundraising, so we can create special memories because I know I have limited time with my family, which upsets me deeply.”

A police spokesman confirmed they had spoken to all parties involved and had issued advice, but no criminal offence had been committed at the time.

Mr Cooper said he would be reporting the latest incidents to police.