A NURSE escorting a convicted paedophile on a day trip allowed him near a young child while she smoked outside Starbucks, a tribunal heard.

Adele Mauback was returning to the ward with the dangerous patient and a healthcare assistant when they stopped at the cafe.

Despite knowing the risks, she sat near a small child, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.

She then cleaned a Starbucks mug with tissues and allowed him to steal it before they made their way back to psychiatric hospital Kemple View, Lango, Blackburn.

Monwara Shah, for the NMC, said the charges relate to an incident on July 1, 2011, and occurred whilst the registrant was employed by Partnership in Care.

She said: “The charges relate to a patient who was held at the Kenton Ward at Kemple View. This is a ward for patients with a history of sexual offending and Patient A had a historical risk of sexual offences towards young children.

“A visit was authorised for Patient A and the registrant escorted Patient A on that visit.


“The registrant stopped at a Starbucks on the return journey back to the ward and Patient A went to the toilet and the registrant was seated outside smoking and seated near a family with a young child. Patient A and a health care assistant, after their visit to the toilet, came over to where the registrant was seated. It is the NMC's case that the registrant was aware of Patient A's risk associated with young children and she remained seated there.

“It is also the NMC's case that she did not remain with Patient A at all times and she was part of his escort,” continued Ms Shah.

Mauback also faces allegations that she lied while applying for a job with Calderstones Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. She allegedly concealed her dismissal for misconduct and said she left Partnerships in Care because she had been bullied, the tribunal heard.

The nurse, who is not present at the tribunal in central London but has sent a representative on her behalf, admits concealing her dismissal but denies this was dishonest.

She further admits that she did not remain with Patient A at all times, that she did not challenge him when he pinched the cup and that she failed to report and record the incident.

But she denies inappropriately allowing the patient near a young child and accepting the Starbucks cup from him.

She also denies her fitness to practise is impaired.

If the panel find her guilty of misconduct, Mauback could face a period of suspension or being struck off the register.

The hearing continues.