A 49-YEAR-OLD man delivered an abusive and threatening letter to the job centre after his benefits had been stopped.

Blackburn magistrates heard the duty manager felt ‘fear and alarm’ because of the language used and the mention of a knife.

And police who investigated had concerns for John Wright’s personal safety after they found a note to his landlord saying he had left because of problems with his benefits.

Wright, 49, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to sending a letter conveying an offensive message. He was given a conditional discharge for six months.

Eddie Harrison, prosecuting, said the letter contained comments of a racial and sexual nature and a reference to a male member of staff saying he would ‘stick a knife in his growling head’.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said his client had never been in trouble before. “He was late for an appointment at the job centre and as a result was disqualified from benefits,” said Mr Taylor. “As a result of them stopping his benefits he lost his home. He had no friends or family to support him and vented his anger in this letter. He wants to assure the court there will be no repeat of this in the future.”