A WATERFOOT youth club could have to leave its base because it can no longer afford the rent.

The White Horse Project has used the Boilerhouse building in Burnley Road East since 2009, and until this week only had enough funds to keep leasing the premises until August.

Now, after a mystery £2,500 cheque landed in the post yesterday morning, rental costs are covered until December, but project leader Jill Bevan said the group was still desperate for funding.

The project was initially funded by Rossendale Council but Mrs Bevan said budget cuts had resulted in the loss of a grant last month.

She said: “We are in need of money. We have actually had a cheque in the post for £2,500 which is unexpected but fabulous.

“That will keep us going until the end of the year but we need to look beyond that. We’re not penniless but our other money is for projects and workshops.”

The White Horse Project, which has close ties to St Anne’s CE Church, Edgeside, uses the Boilerhouse to host homework clubs, training courses in cooking and financial management, personal counselling sessions, and arts workshops.

It also organises a festival for the Valley’s young musicians to showcase their talents, which will return to Edgeside Park in July.

Mrs Bevan said: “On Friday nights we have a youth club that attracts up to 70 people. The homework club is funded by Children in Need and the music festival is supported by Together Housing, but we have to keep trying for investment or we’ll have to move out after December.”

Coun Steve Hughes, who has helped to raise awareness of the youth club’s plight, said: “Having been there myself, I have seen first hand the atmosphere is both fun and respectful for people wanting to do work.

“Some of the young volunteers who have been attending the project for years are now taking on their first leadership positions.”

To help the youth club, contact Mrs Bevan on 01706 221889.