LONGRIDGE is ‘under siege’ from large housing developments with the ‘focus moving from Clitheroe, Barrow and Whalley’, according to a leading borough councillor.

Coun Ken Hind, who represents Longridge on Ribble Valley Borough Council, said the town was now the ‘target’ of developers after having success in and around Clitheroe.

Around 1,700 houses are being, or could be built, in the town after a recent spate of applications were approved or submitted by developers.

Now, a further application for 190 houses off Inglewhite Road has been submitted to Preston City Council The majority of Longridge is under the authority of Ribble Valley Borough Council but a western section is governed by Preston.

A ‘Save Longridge’ campaign has been established by residents, with an online petition attracting almost 700 signatures and more than 100 comments.

Coun Hind said: “If I had to sum up the current situation facing Longridge I would say that it’s a community under siege.

“The focus has moved from Clitheroe, Whalley and Barrow onto Longridge because the local plan will state that those areas, especially Whalley, won’t take anymore developments.

“Under the plans that have either been passed or are pending, they do not meet the requirements for the area.

“We have an aging population. These houses are designed to attract migrants from outside the area into Longridge.

“These developments are making people very angry in the town and the community are fighting back through the Save Longridge campaign.”

The latest application was submitted to Preston City Council by Cheshire-based Gladman Developments Ltd and will be debated by the council in the coming months.