BARS and cafes in Colne could open their toilets to the public as part of a town council scheme.

Shoppers in the town centre would be allowed to ‘spend a penny’ without feeling obliged to make a purchase at venues signed up to the council’s community toilets idea.

Town councillors are keen to finalise a scheme as the public toilets in the centre are closed down.

Coun Howard Thomas, chairman of the town council, said: “The toilets at the bus station have been closed for a while and because of the cost involved, they won’t be reopening. The only other public toilets still open are in the market, and they aren’t open all the time.

“We have been into pubs and cafes in the town centre to talk to people about a community toilets scheme, and a lot of venues have been supportive.

“The next step is to get a scheme finalised and we have got Paul Collins, Pendle Council’s town centres manager, helping us get a formal scheme launched.

“Participating venues will get a sticker to say they are part of the scheme, and in return we will give them a free mention on the town council website.

“We are also looking at getting a new noticeboard and we will have a map there with details of all the participating venues.

“It would mean that people could go into a bar or cafe and use the toilet without obligation to buy a drink or make a purchase.”

The town council is also to hold further discussions with the management committee at Primet Hill Community Centre before agreeing to take over the venue.

Coun Thomas said: “There are one or two things that need to be ironed out before we agree to take over the community centre.”