PLANS to build a house on an end of terrace in Helmshore countryside, which have attracted four letters of objection, were expected to be passed at a meeting today.

The proposals for Alden View, in Alden Road, have also received two letters of support from neighbours.

Supporters of the plans, which are for a vacant plot where a barn used to stand, have cited half a dozen reasons why the proposals should be passed.

They include the dilapidated appearance of the patch of land, the sustainable design features proposed, and planned improvements to an exposed side wall.

Supporters also mentioned the fact the developers are proposing to have their own private water supply and independent sewerage system.

They also say the scheme will generate employment for local tradesmen during the construction phase.

Planning officer Stephen Stray said in a report to councillors: “The proposed scheme would result in a development that would not be unduly greater in volume than a development previously approved on site, and overall would enhance the visual amenities of the area.”

The development control committee meeting will be held at the Rossendale Council chambers at Bacup Futures Park at 6.30pm.