A HOUSING campaign group in the Ribble Valley has vowed to ‘fight on’ against large developments in the borough.

The Save Whalley Village Action Group was established to respond to the borough council’s Core Strategy more than three years ago and it has recently opposed several large developments in the village which were passed last year.

Work on a 260-property development on the Lawsonsteads site in the village has recently started.

The group’s chairman has said that it will continue , despite applications being approved by the borough council.

Nick Walker said: “We are going to fight on for the moment.

“We were set up to respond to the Core Strategy, which still has not been approved more than three years later.

“We have recently been involved in opposing a number of large applications for the village, the majority of which have been approved by borough councillors.

“We are also thinking of becoming more involved in local elections in future and the general election in 2015. That’s something that we are going to have to discuss further.”