A LOCAL NUT representative has backed the union’s plans to strike in the summer.

Yesterday morning delegates at an NUT conference in Brighton voted in favour of national strike action, which will see members walk out at some point in the week beginning June 23.

Jonathan Gleeson, Secretary of Rossendale NUT Association said: “Lancashire teachers strongly supported the NUT action on the March 26 - as the rally in Preston showed - and whilst there is no pleasure from taking further action in June or in the autumn, teachers are insistent, persistent and consistent in their defence of education in this country and their role as professionals.

“Sadly the responsibility for the ongoing dispute lies firmly with Mr Gove.

“I was part of a group of teachers from Rossendale who spoke to parents as they arrived at a Rossendale school on March 26 and the feeling from parents was one of overwhelming support for their teachers.

“The pressures on children, parents, teachers, head teachers and governors have become unmanageable.

“Surely the education of our children in this country should not be left to chance?”