TEN-year-old Enola Halleron, like other girls her age, is already thinking about leaving primary school behind and embarking on a life of double maths and school proms when she starts high school.

But for Feniscowles primary school pupil Enola, the exciting but challenging transition comes with an added complication.

Spirited Enola is one of only 82 people in the UK with MPS Morquio, a form of mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS), an enzyme disorder which among other things, causes skeletal growth problems.

Enola’s organs grow as normal and eventually, outgrow her skeleton and she will never grow more than a metre tall.

Her family have now launched a campaign to raise £7,500 by September 2015, so that she can start St Bede’s in a new wheelchair.

Enola’s mother, Donna, who works as a part-time teacher in Burnley, said: “Enola has very limited mobility and can’t make it to the end of the street.

“She already has a wheelchair from the NHS but it’s two years old and has a mind of it’s own.

“It’s just not suitable for when she starts high school and as Enola’s condition is progressive, she really needs something much more suited to her current ability and adaptable for the future.”

Donna said: “There are charities like WhizzKids that provide wheelchairs for children and we’ve looked into that but the waiting list is so long. It would be at least two years before she could get something.

“Lots of families with disabled relatives take to raising money themselves for equipment.”

Enola’s grandparents Paul and Sue Kirk, from Salesbury, have decided to champion a special local campaign for donations to pay for the wheels that will offer her independence at high school.

Sue said: “Enola can walk a little and uses a frame to get around but the wheelchair she has now is a death trap.

“She really needs something better, especially with her going to high school next year.”

Sue’s friend, fundraiser Margaret Evans from Wilpshire has organised three community events to kick start the campaign.

The first is ‘chip butty Friday’ at the Bonny Inn in Ribchester Road Friday (11th April) at 7.30pm when landlord Steve Costello and his wife Claire will provide entertainment and serve free chip butties.

The second event will be a traditional afternoon fete taking place on Sunday, May 18 at 2pm at Salesbury Memorial Hall consisting of activities and games for children and families, including a 40ft inflatable assault course and football shoot out sponsored by Sports Cool.

Margaret added the ‘pièce de résistance’ would be on Saturday June 21 back at the Bonny Inn, when Enola’s granddad, Paul will be shouting a very big ‘ouch’ when he will be having his legs waxed by beauty therapist.

To support Lolo’s Wheels ring Sue on 07985 107 903 or Margaret on 01254 248165