GOLFERS will be clubbing together to help fund part of a new wheelchair for a 17-year-old with cerebral palsy.

The parents of Jamie Lee Jordan have raised money to buy a powered wheelchair, but now need to raise a further £1,000 for a seating system that will allow him to use the device.

A fundraising ‘golfathon’ will take place at Colne Golf Club on Easter Sunday. Jamie’s mum, Anita, works at the Skipton Old Road venue.

Anita, 46, and Jamie’s dad Andy, 47, who live in the Brunshaw area of Burnley, have already raised £12,000 for the wheelchair.

Anita said: “At the moment we have to lift the seating from one chair to the other, and it is very heavy and difficult to do.

“Being able to use this chair all the time would give Jamie such independence to be able to do stuff on his own.

We desperately want him to be able to do things on his own and to get on with his life.

“Physically he can’t do anything for himself but mentally he is very bright and he knows what is going on.”

Jamie has two brothers, Luke and Ross.

Anita said: “Luke plays for Blackburn Rovers academy and Jamie loves going to watch his brother play, he is so proud of him.

“Jamie also loves being around people, he is very sociable and popular, and he is a big Coronation Street fan as well.”

The golfathon begins at 6am. For more details contact Stephen Barnes at the golf club on 07966 218681.