A COUPLE already grieving the loss of a baby have told of their devastation after ‘failing to get any answers’ about the sudden death of their 21-month-old son.

An inquest in Blackburn heard Logan Monaghan became unresponsive after having a sleep in his pram at home in Blackburn, in August last year.

After the hearing, Laura Gray, 21, and her partner Jordan Monaghan, 22, said they had been ‘forced to move’ from their Chapel Street home following Logan’s death, due to the painful memories.

The pair also vowed to undergo genetic tests after the double tragedy last year when their 23-day-old baby Ruby died on New Year’s Day.

The inquest heard the couple had rowed over money on the morning of August 17 before Mr Monaghan took Logan out in his pram to Mill Hill Park and then to Waves swimming pool.

After arriving home, Logan was left sleeping in his pram for five hours while Mr Monaghan, an excavator driver, ran errands and Miss Gray was upstairs in bed ill, the hearing was told.

Miss Gray told the inquest she went downstairs to give the tot some food and found him unresponsive.

He was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital but was pronounced dead. Pathologist Dr Gauri Batra said hyperthermia (overheating) could have contributed to Logan’s death but, because it does not leave any signs during a post mortem examination, she could not say for sure.

She said: “No obvious cause of death was found.”

Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley coroner Michael Singleton recorded an open verdict and said: “The medical cause of death has been tragically unascertained.

“The purpose of an inquest is to find out the cause of death and in that we have failed you.

“It is still relatively rare for young children to die, though having said that, I have had four baby deaths referred to me this week.

“Words fail me; that it happens once is beyond anything that I can contemplate. To happen two times is well beyond “I cannot begin to express how sorry I am.”

Speaking after the inquest, Miss Gray, a former kitchen assistant, said: “I’m absolutely devastated and completely upset.

“We were expecting something to come out of the inquest and for our questions to be answered but that just hasn’t happened.

“We are terrified of having children again because we just don’t know what is going to happen next.

“We are going to get our genes tested to try and see if that’s the problem but at this stage we just don’t know.

“My heart was broken when I discovered him and my life fell apart.”

Mr Monaghan, who now lives in Hamilton Street with his partner, said: “We wanted to get answers from the inquest and I’m unhappy that we didn’t.

“It has been hard for the whole family since they both died and we are struggling to get past it.”